Why will you need a cell phone booster?​

What is cell phone signal booster?

Cell phone boosters are a set of devices that is able to boost the mobile phone signal and the coverage within the range of the device could be enlarged based on the device. If you are looking for a better signal at home, in the office or in rural areas, if you want to get rid of poor signal, then you might want to take one booster.

Necessarily suggest that cell phone boosters can strengthen the signal that is available already. If your network has no coverage in area, the booster won’t work.

Why will you need a cell phone booster?

Have you ever encountered with these following circumstances? Having a bad signal all the time or the signal just stays fitfully? Then, Sudden drop of your call when it comes to the essential stage? You might not want to lose a call when you’re engaging in making business or deal with others, or talking to family, friend, someone you care, etc. These are all potential scene for you if the signal does show bad performance occasionally or mostly.

Besides what’ve mentioned before, signal problem can take you extra cost and energy and sometimes you don’t even notice. Bring one booster for you is definitely a great choice and guarantee for your life experience. You don’t have to worry about any signal problem anymore. You don’t have to cost some more extra money on Internet improvement or install more internet wire, such like that. One signal purchase can resolve all the matters. More importantly, the time saved could be a truly great moment for you to do more things that you’re really interested in.

As the era advances every now and then, Internet will be more widely used in the future, regardless any sites or timing. The only way to assure your experience on it is a fully-strengthened signal status.

As for it, I believe, our booster will be the best option for you use and on your best benefit.

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Working Mechanism

The whole kit includes: outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, booster, mounting parts of outside antenna, power supply, etc. The outside antenna captures the signal come from the nearest signal towel and transferred to the indoor antenna. Finally, the booster strengthens the signal and send it out indoors. So, normally you will get more bars indoors. But to be alert that the distance between outside antenna and indoor antenna should be above 35 feet. It is for the better performance in signal boost and avoid unnecessary signal circulation.

Does it work outside the U.S?

In this case you might need to contact the carrier provider and know which band they are able to provide service. If the band matches one of our four support band, it should work as it goes. The booster can capture the signal and make it better.

How is the distance between outside antenna and indoor antenna?

Generally speaking, it requires at least 20 feet on wire distance. However, for pursuing the optimal performance, the vertical distance of them should above 15 feet. Besides, there are still other factors such as the outside signal level and the building material, they might have an impact on distance set between outside antenna and indoor antenna.

Can this booster work with all phone services?

Straight talk can attach to the signal towel easily, mine is Verizon, and it works great. This booster supports all carrier & service provider. The device you use might have on trouble connecting with it, considering its wide-range compatibility of device type, android or ios, are all greatly

Does it really improve the service speed? Can I use it when I’m camping or outside?

Booster can amplify the signal received by outside antenna, this is why it works for better internet speed. But in the remote area, the internet speed can be influenced by the tower support method on different services. So, it’s really necessary to know about the tower condition that near your place.
By the way, this booster is made for home, office, or workplace, etc. It is not suitable for camping, vehicle, etc.

Does it work for 4G, LTE service signal boost

Due to the effect caused by COVID, many of you might need to stay at home for work, or you children have the need to study online for virtual course. These cases are just becoming somewhat common in the future. So, in case you got a poor signal condition in your place, a booster can help you avoid any of these problems. Booster can turn to signal bars to 4~5, stably. Besides, the installation of it is very easy-follow and it can change your life experience.

Is the signal from indoor booster strong enough to through the wall?

Mainly this depends on the signal from outside antenna. If the outdoor antenna is able to capture more signal, then it might have a better coverage area indoors. So, make sure the installation of outdoor antenna is put in the optimal place, which faces directly to the signal tower. It can best guarantee the signal captured effectiveness. 

Tips for the best distance between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna

The distance between them should be lie in 35 feet, at least. Distance insufficiency would cause sigla repeated circulation, which further weaken the signal boost effect. Sometimes, put in near the window might be convenient, but shall not beneficial for these two antennas’ connection. In all, the installation place of them is subtle and please do consider the distance.

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