Why Amazboost?

Who we are?

Amazboost has been engaged in professional cell phone signal booster for 25 years. We are fully covered in industrial chain from product design, research and development, manufacturing and after-sales service. Engineer sprit is always Amazboost’s innate culture, which has resulted in the creation of many excellent technologies in our R&D. We adapt direct marketing approach, selling our products directly to consumers so that they can acquire more quality-guaranteed, cutting-edge cell phone signal booster in less expense.

What we can bring for you?

Amazboost provides cell phone signal boosters for different signal conditions and coverage areas. They are easy to install, compatible with all U.S. carriers, and can greatly improve your cell phone signal and mobile network intensity, and you can easily make and receive calls, surf the Internet, and video chat with friends.

Is it legal?

All of Amazboost’s cell phone signal boosters are compatible with all U.S. network carriers, and they are certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to legally solve your cell phone communication problems.

What makes us impressed and keep on doing this all along?

We have received many letters of appreciation from consumers who have used our products. One story is very impressive. One of our faithful fans, Tyreese, wrote us a note: When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, the whole world was plunged into darkness, complete with devastating winds, torrential rains, floods, and a sense of hopelessness.

However, Tyreese, on the other hand, installed the Amazboost device 2 years ago, and while other residents lost signal to communicate with the outside world, she was able to make normal distress calls and video calls to her family. Sooner, more and more neighbors resorted to her and were able to contact outside finally. Although they had already installed other brands of signal boosters, it did not present the same excellent communication capabilities as Amazboost had in the disaster. Then Tyreese recommended our product to the friends she knew and shared the story with us. When we received the letter from her, it highly raises our morale and confidence, which is courageous for our ongoing investment in technology developments.

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