Amazboost boosters Warranty

Every Amazboost boosters is covered under our manufacturer’s one year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects. (The booster is guaranteed for three years, and the accessories including the bracket antenna are guaranteed for one year)Warranty parts will only be shipped within the continental United States. If you purchased a booster and had it then shipped to another country, parts will only be sent to the country in which the booster was originally sent.

Note: The warranty applies only to original owners and is not transferable.

Shipping Damage Claims

IMMEDIATELY inspect your product(s) for damage. Shipping damage must be reported to Amazboost within 7 days of shipment arrival. we will not accept Shipping Damage Claims later than 7 days from receipt of products.

Liability Disclaimer

You are responsible for your own actions while using an booster. Amazboost is not responsible/nor liable for any accidents or injuries (whether caused by you or others) that may occur during your use. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to determine if your current insurance policy would cover you in the event of an accident.

Credit Card Chargebacks 

If for any reason a credit card chargeback of any amount is issue on an order and the customer is still in possession of the product(s) withing said order, the warranty will be paused until the chargeback is resolved.

What do you need to do?

Step 1 –    If your question has to do with your order, please include your order number. Contact Amazboost Customer Care team by clicking here.

Step 2 –  Visible proof depicting the defect are required. Please attach any relevant videos or photos showing your issue so the specialists can best assist you.

Step 3 –  Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Just get in touch, and we’ll try our best to respond within 24 hours. 

Note: Amazboost will not replace any part without first inspecting photos or video of the damaged part.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Us

We pride ourselves in being nothing but respectful, kind, patient, friendly, and all other pleasant terms that could fit in the mix, and it is critical that those things are returned to our team by customers. We understand that often times when you call/email customer support it is because something may have gone wrong or there is an issue (which is the worst!). We also understand that often times these potential issues cause frustration and even sometimes anger, but, we will NOT tolerate rude/vulgar language towards our staff. We will offer a warning if this occurs, after that we do reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, issue refunds, void warranties, or cancel orders at our sole discretion. If this decision is made it is final and cannot be undone.

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