Amazboost M1 Vehicle Cell Phone Booster


Amazboost M1 is our vehicle mobile phone signal booster. Compared with the traditional antenna transmission, the sound signal enhancer can increase the signal receiving and transmitting ability by 2 times. Allows you to reduce dropped calls and enjoy a stable mobile phone signal while driving. Install it in cars and cars, erect the interior on the front seat.

  • Boost type: Voice & Data
  • Support all U.S carriers: AT&T Verizon T-Mobile Sprint & more
  • Suitable for all devices : iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, Tablet PC,etc
  • Supported signal types: 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE
  • Work for band: 12/17/13/5/25/4
  • Suit for any sites: home,office,Library,restaurant,etc
  • Multiple people connectivity: Share with family/friend/colleague

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6 Detachable Antennas Design

1. Compared with the traditional one-antenna, the performance improvement of the six antennas is huge and obvious.

2.Compared to one antenna working in all frequency bands,our booster each antenna works in an independent frequency band,can improve the signal receiving and transmitting capabilities by at least 2 times.

3.We also designed the 6 antennas into a detachable mode so that the entire product can be very portable.

Waterproof All-weather On Roof Booster

IP67-Rated Waterproof,-10F to -140F Range of Working Temperature.

Top Of Roof Installation

1.Placing the booster on the roof,could minimize the loss in the cable transmission process from the outdoor antenna to the booster.This will double the maximum communication distance.You will also get better and faster data communication capabilities.

2.Save installation space inside the vehicle. In addition to itself volume, Booster will take up a lot of space because of the actual situation of cable connection and power cord connection.The migration of the main equipment completely solved this problem.

3.Ultra Low Noise and Maximun Speed.


  • Quick and permanent installation:

There have 3 powerful magnets at the bottom of the booster, which can attract the device to the surface of ferrous materials( For aluminum or FRP roofs, we also equipped with metal mounting stickers).

The bottom is also designed with a mounting hole for permanent installation,you could do special installation processing according to yourself conditions.

  • Indoor Antenna installation:

There have 2 powerful velcro at the bottom of the indoor antenna, which can attract the device to the side of seat.


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