Amazboost A10 Cell Phone Booster For Home-1500X boost/signal range 12,000 sq ft


Amazboost A10 is the  Newest High Gain High Data Communication Speed Active Antenna cell signal booster.

  • Boost type: Voice & Data
  • Support all U.S carriers: AT&T Verizon T-Mobile Sprint & more
  • Suitable for all devices : iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, Tablet PC,etc
  • Supported signal types: 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE
  • Work for band: 12/17/13/5/25/4
  • Suit for any sites: home,office,Library,restaurant,etc
  • Multiple people connectivity: Share with family/friend/colleague

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Featuring a high gain amplifier, powerful multi outside directional antennas, Tru5 Band enhanced internal circuitry, and more. Building Force-XD kit is the most affordable and powerful cell signal booster on the market today.

Tru5 band technology is unique to Amazboost. Because the downlink of the two bands Band12 and Band13 is physically connected. The products of other companies use an amplification link for processing. Amazboost creatively uses two amplification links to amplify the signals in these two frequency bands. At present, only our products on the market will not cause the strong signal to suppress the weak signal amplification because the strength of the two frequency bands is different. Vehicle often encounters this situation because it needs to move constantly. With our products, you will not encounter the situation where you cannot receive signals from your own base station in the distance because your position is close to a certain( not yours) operator’s base station.



①Mount the outdoor booster

Use a pole to mount the outside antenna on your roof on the side of the house with the strongest signal.

②Inside Antenna Installation

Choose right position for the indoor antenna. The inside antenna should be central the location of the signal dead zone/weak signal area inside the building. Dome antenna mounted on the ceiling.

③Mount the booster outdoor on the wall

Keep away from heat and don’t cover booster. Choose a ventilated and dry place.

Cable the system

Connect two antennas and booster to splitter. A high-quality splitter is available to distribute the signal into the two interior antennas.


  • Booster

All weather outdoor Booster. Featuring high gain, Tru5 Band enhanced internal circuitry.

  • Outside Antenna

Log periodic antenna & Pole Powerful outside directional antennas, pick up weak signal over long distance, maximum communication distance range up to 6~10 miles.

•9dBi 698MHz~960MHz

•11dBi 1710MHz~2170MHz

  • Dual Interios Antennas

Provides two zones of coverage in any size home or office. This is the best solution especially if the target coverage area is a two-story building, or if the internal building can’t be covered by one antenna because of building materials that block cell signal (plaster, concrete, metal, UV-coated glass, etc.)

  • Cables

4*45 Feet + 1*15 Feet RG11 professional industry level quality, ultra low loss. It can be flexibly combined to solve various two-story buildings / multi-rooms, or it is impossible to cover an internal building with an antenna because the building materials block the cell signal.

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