No need to worry about poor cell phone signal

When you use Amazboost cellular signal booster in your home or vehicle, enjoy fewer dropped calls, faster Internet speeds, improved video streaming, and more

Why you need Amazboost cell phone booster?

Provide cell phone signal boosters for different signal conditions and coverage areas. ​

Easily make and receive calls, surf the Internet, and video chat with friends. ​

Cooperate with all U.S. operators. FCC approved.

3-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.


Amazboost has been engaged in professional cell phone signal booster for 25 years. We are fully covered in industrial chainfrom product design, research and development,manufacturing and after-sales service.Engineer sprit is always Amazboost’s innate culture, which has resulted in the creation of many excellent technologies in our R&D. We adapt direct marketing approach, selling our products directly to consumers so that they can acquire more quality-guaranteed, cutting-edge cell phone signal booster in less expense.

Find your cell phone booster

Best Chioce For Smaller Spaces​​

Amazboost A0

Amazboost A0 is our cell phone booster specially designed for small apartment, covering an area of 1,500 sq ft, powerful and cost-effective.

Hot Selling Booster




Amazboost A1

It is our standard cell phone booster.
Suitable for medium-sized family spaces, covering 2,500 sq ft.
It is easy to install, and the system gain can be adjusted automatically without manual intervention.
Significantly improve data speed and voice quality, no more missed calls, and no more poor signal experience.


Amazboost A2

Amazboost A2 is a more powerful mobile phone signal booster.

Amazboost A6

Amazboost A6 is a mobile phone booster with dual  signal reception.

Equipped with RG6 cable,the signal strength is increased to 1000X,and the signal coverage reaches 8,000sq ft.

Amazboost A10

Amazboost A10 is the Newest High Gain High Data Communication Speed Active Antenna cell signal booster.

Enhances the signal up to 1500X, with acoverage area Of 12,000 sq ft.Most powerful professional high gain 72dB.


Fit For Home & RV Amazboost A3

As a newly released product, A3 has a dual-mode option that previous home amplifiers did not have.

A3 can be used not only in the home, but also on the RV.

Amazboost M2

This is our standard vehicle cell phone booster.

Suitable for rv,truck,car,bus,trailer, camper and small cabin ect.

Amazboost Vehicle Cell Phone Booster

What Our Customers Say About Us

We bought this for our mountain cabin.Itwasn't qualified to get DSL through the phone company.The cabin literally had one to no bars of cell scrvice. My husband put this onthe cabin, used an app to find the closest celltower and voila. Three bars of service and ableto use the internet.I had bought a cheaper one this year and it didn't work at all.Ycs,this was a little bit more expensive, but it is soworth it. I am now able to cancel the landlin cin the cabin and save money.The customer service is fast and efficicnt.Thanks,Fishcr!
Jane Dowser
AT&T went from 0-1 bar to a full 4 bars.Verizon went from 1-2 bars to a full 4 bars.We have had a couple of calls that did not come through but we've noticed a big difference since we've put it up.
Jane Dowser
Ok / I have tried several boosters to improve cell reception that cost twice as much as this unit but had no success.In short this one took me from 1 bar to 4 on my phone which really surprised me .Fairly easy to set up and instructions are easy to follow.Had a minor incident with indoor antenna and contacted the seller and was impressed with a response from them within the hour.In addition they did a followup to insure I was satisfied with my inquiry.A great product and value.
Steve Ervin

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